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Jack's Journal: Patience

When we set out to accomplish something, do we tell ourselves we want it in the future? No, we want it NOW! We want to see and feel the results. Think about your New Year Resolutions (that is a very long time ago, I know). How long did you give yourself to accomplish those goals? A week? A month? A year?

I’ve said before that some goals are more easily achieved than others. For instance, compare the goal “I want to floss more” to “I want to lose this excess weight off of my hips and thighs.” Both are goals related to health and wellness, and both make you a better version of yourself. With these goals, there is one glaring difference to me: time. You can easily pick up a flosser and accomplish the flossing goal. The weight loss goal, however, takes time, effort, and patience.

That’s what I want to talk to you about: patience. Much of our society is built off of instant gratification. Almost everything is at our fingertips, if you’re willing to pay for it. Think about it, you can have almost anything shipped to your door these days within 48 hours (or less), all with a click of a button. You can find answers to obscure facts that have eluded your memory all day, in seconds. You can even find 5 exercises that will magically melt away that extra weight in a month!

First of all, if the latter were true and effective, we personal trainers would be out of jobs faster than you can say burpee. Second, it takes time to work off those unwanted pounds. It takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to stick with an exercise routine in order to get the results you want. It also takes a lot of determination, sacrifice, and resiliency to stick with certain goals. If it seems like I’m just listing nouns and adjectives, it’s to prove a point; some health and wellness goals are not easily accomplished. If they were, then everyone would do them!

Give yourself some time with certain health and wellness goals. Short of liposuction, you can’t expect dramatic weight loss in 48 hours (or less). Also, recognize that exercise is just one tool for you to use in order to accomplish your goals. Good nutrition, healthy habits, and good sleep hygiene are a few other tools that help.

If it seems like you are working hard to achieve your health and wellness goals, good! Good things are worth waiting for. If it seems like your goals are impossible to achieve, reassess. Don’t give up on that goal because you haven’t accomplished it. Set a new goal or continue working with the one you’re working toward. You may need to change your goals, and that is okay! Don’t see it as defeat, see it as opportunity and grow from it.

If you’d like help setting and achieving your health and wellness goals, please contact Jack Zahn at to set up an appointment.

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