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Meet The Team

Say hello to the wonderful staff that make up the Tri Fitness Coaching Team! 

Fun Facts About Vicki

  1.  If you are going to dare me, be ready.  

  2.  I am an Ironman World Championship Kona Qualifier! 

  3.  I like to win!

  4.  Everyone should live by: “Work hard, play harder.”

  5.  I will cheer for the Packers even if they are losing.


Vicki Ostendorf

Founder | Triathlon Coach | Run Coach | Personal Trainer

Credentials: NASM CPT, CKTT, IM Certified Coach, RRCA Coach, Certified MFR Therapy

As a coach, I see things in each individual that they don’t necessarily see about themselves….it is my goal to allow everyone to realize their potential then, provide the coaching and support to get there!

Professional History

I graduated from UW - LaCrosse with a degree in Corporate Fitness and Minors in both Business and Coaching. I spent 4 years playing outfield for the women’s fast-pitch softball team in LaCrosse. Out of college, I continued to play fast pitch softball competitively but found myself wanting to do more for my fitness, so, I started running.  After entering a few 5k’s and 10k’s, I had a few friends encourage me to consider running a marathon, to which I said “How far is that?” and immediately said “NO WAY”. Of course, it didn’t take a lot more to convince me that I actually could complete the distance with proper training. I managed to complete my first marathon in 3:09.  Needless to say, I was hooked and then the challenge became the daunting task of running under 3 hours. 


After a few years of running marathons, another friend suggested I participate in a triathlon, and thus began that journey. After 2 years into the triathlon world, I participated in my first Ironman distance race. I realized I really loved torturing individuals on an ongoing basis, so personal training seemed to be the perfect fit. I've been doing it ever since! Learn more about my professional history and why I started Tri Fitness here.

Jack H bio pic square.png

Jack Hennen

Swim Coach

Growing up with a pool in my backyard I began my swimming career very young. I began competitive swimming at the age of seven, starting with swim clubs and eventually joining my high school team. During high school, I also ventured into coaching swimming and continued to do so, working with individuals of all ages and skill levels. I love helping people reach their swimming goals whether they are swimming without stopping or getting under a certain time for a specific distance.  


I would like to say I found the sport of triathlon at the age of nine, but it was my dad who found it for me. My first triathlon was the Chisago Lakes Kids Triathlon in 2009, and that was the start of racing every other weekend in the summer if not every weekend, or even sometimes two a weekend for over a decade. This continued into college when I joined the University of Minnesota Triathlon Club and competed in two races with them until I got sent home for two years due to COVID which abruptly stopped my racing career. Having successfully graduated from college, I am now determined to re-enter the competitive endurance world and continue pursuing my passion for swimming and triathlons.

Doug Bio pic.png

Doug Larsen

USAT Certified Triathlon Coach | ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

I have seen first-hand, through my life’s journey, the profound effect that endurance sports can have on your life. My goal for my athletes is to dare them to dream big, accomplish their goals and create an environment for a lifetime of enjoyment in whatever sport they choose.​

I found triathlon and endurance sports over a decade ago and have had the opportunity to complete multiple triathlons across all distances as well as several marathon and half marathon completions. There is nothing better than the community you find through endurance sports.

Whether you are an experienced endurance athlete looking to take your training to the next level or someone looking to complete their first sprint distance, let’s connect and see how we can partner on your journey…I can’t wait to get started!

Caleb Bio Pic .png

Caleb Birklid

Director of Multisport | Triathlon Coach

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, being in the water always felt like second nature. However, I quickly found a passion with the energy and atmosphere of multisport racing. My first race was in 7th grade at the Buffalo Triathlon. I immediately fell in love with the competitive nature, comradery, and personal challenge that triathlon provided, and spent the rest of my teenage years desperately awaiting the one or two races each year I could fit into a hectic swim schedule. 


While studying English at Saint John's University (Go Johnnies!) I continued to grow as a multisport athlete while still focusing on my swimming career. I joined the college rowing team and quickly fell in love with the team aspect of training, something I had been unfamiliar with as a strictly individual athlete, I also got more into cycling, and running independently, consistently spending hours out on the Lake Wobegon Trail. After graduating, and no longer swimming competitively, I immediately jumped back into the world of triathlon, and started training for my first Ironman. 


Throughout my time post college, I have been a self-taught triathlete, while also coaching swimming and track at a high school level. I have a passion for coaching and love watching athletes reach their fullest potential, whether that is finishing their first race, or qualifying for national competition. I am incredibly excited to work with you and help you meet your fitness and competitive goals!

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