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Join our small community of supportive and uplifting athletes. In our gym, we believe in expert guidance at a professional level for every athlete. Whether you're hoping to improve your general fitness or beat your Ironman PR, you will get the attention you need and accountability you want to reach your health and fitness goals.

A Customized, Injury-free Training Plan

With an 8:1 client to trainer ratio, you will feel the customization of a personal training session with the energy and community of a group class. We make sure you workout safely for an injury-free session. We ensure safe yet progressional workouts using a periodization format.

What is periodization training?

It means there are certain times of the year that are "in season" and others that are "off season." So group classes will reflect times of the year when you need to be working on form, repetition, technique,  etc., and other times of the year when intensity and performance are a priority. This ensures that you'll be race ready when it's race season!

New to Tri Fitness? We invite you to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with one of our coaches!

In-House Group Fitness Pricing

Stop wishing. Start doing. How do you start making real change? With persistence, accountability, community and real lifestyle change. At Tri Fitness, we create monthly pricing structures that work with your schedule and budget to keep you in the gym consistently.

  • 2 classes/week | $135/month ($16.80/class)

  • 3 classes/week | $185/month ($15.40/class)

  • 4 classes/week | $220/month ($13.75/class)

  • Drop-in | $27.50

Zoom Digital Class Pricing

We now offer Zoom digital classes for your convenience and preferred training. We offer these classes as drop-ins or in packs of 10 classes to use on any Zoom class offered on our class calendar.

Drop-in Session | $22.50

10 Pack | $200

Current Group Fitness Class Offerings


This class focuses on the drills and exercises that help runners run better, stronger, and more efficiently. We cover a lot about form and how the drills relate to run technique.

Stretch & Core

This class utilizes stretching straps, foam rollers and other tools to improve muscle elasticity and core strength while identifying tight and troubled areas.


Strength-based, total body workout designed to help you increase lean muscle, build endurance and burn fat. Your instructor will take you through a workout utilizing cables, dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, TRX bands, incline treadmill trainers and more.

Performance Cycle

Hop on your bike for a indoor ride that will improve your pedaling technique and power. This ride is enhanced by power monitors and an expert coach to help you maximize your cycling. BYOBike.

Advanced Circuit

A full body strength, cardio and gut busting workout. Not for the weak or weary, this class will test every cell in your body, guaranteed to make you sweat and “possibly” swear.

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