Tri Fitness offers one of the most unique triathlon clubs in the nation! Our inclusive community includes athletes of all abilities who train in our certified, coach-led workouts every week, all year 'round.

Our Tri Club includes:

  • A welcoming community of athletes with all skills and abilities

  • Access to our certified coaches who have years of experience in the sport of triathlon

  • A commitment to an inclusive team mentality

  • Supportive groups that will help drive you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be

What you get when you join:

  • 3-Season | your choice of 2, 3, or 4 workouts per week (select any workouts on our schedule; includes Zoom class options)

  • Summer | a run, bike, and swim workout each Saturday

  • Regularly schedule FTP testing

  • Race support at several designated team races (as races become available)

  • Exclusive access to our Tri Club forum - a place to coordinate workouts and races with fellow members, get honest gear and training tips, and discuss everything triathlon! 

  • Discounts on races and sponsor products through USAT and Ironman Tri Club programs

  • Early registration available for Ironman branded events

  • Tri Fitness team kits available for purchase (based on availability)

  • Organized socially distanced events outside of races and workouts (if possible)

Enrollment Dates

Enrollment is open now. See enrollment options below.

Requirements for 3-Season:

  • Enrollment in Summer Tri Club ($450 for May 1-August 31)

Tri Club Mission

We love triathlon, we love training and racing together, and we love having fun both on and off the race course! Tri Fitness Tri Club is a friendly and supportive community of like-minded athletes of all abilities. We promote fitness and fun through the sport of triathlon. We all come from different backgrounds, but the club lets us work on our strengths and weaknesses together. Whether you’re a single-sport athlete looking for something new, someone with no sports background looking to get fit, or a multi-time Ironman finisher, we have space for you!


Have questions? Email us or come join us.

Enrollment Options (3-Season)

Sign Up November 1-January 31:

  • 2 Workouts/Week | $120/mo

  • 3 Workouts/Week | $160/mo

  • 4 Workouts/Week | $190/mo

Sign up February 1-February 28:

  • 2 Workouts/Week | $130

  • 3 Workouts/Week | $170

  • 4 Workouts/Week | $200

Sign up March 1-March 31:

  • 2 Workouts/Week | $135

  • 3 Workouts/Week | $175

  • 4 Workouts/Week | $205

Sign up April 1-April 30:

  • 2 Workouts/Week | $140

  • 3 Workouts/Week | $180

  • 4 Workouts/Week | $210

Enrollment Options (Summer)

1 scheduled workout (swim, bike, and run) each Saturday | $450

Summer Schedule:

May | Saturdays | Withrow Elementary

8:00am | Bike

9:00am | Run

June-August | Saturdays | Square Lake Park

7:00am | Swim

8:00am | Bike

9:00am | Run