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Gait Analysis

Tri Fitness Coaching offers the latest in 3D Gait Analysis, a service typically only available to professional athletes! We go beyond 2D video gait analysis to get you the information and results you need! With a Runner's Movement Screen and 3D gait analysis, we can figure out what really matters, give you the exercises that really count, and make quick and important changes to your form that can save you time and get you back to running right away.

We want to help you run

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Benefits of a running gait analysis

  • Reduced pain and fatigue while running

  • Increased speed with reduced effort

  • Higher mileage on shoes before they break down (financial health!)

  • Learning the correct type of shoes for you

  • Understanding how your flexibility and strength impact your running gait

The Tri Fitness Difference

The difference between our gait analysis and purchasing elsewhere, is that the average gait analysis only focuses on the lower extremity, where we analyze the whole body from head to toe.

3D Gait Analysis is the missing piece to a happier, healthier runner!

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Learn how to focus on the mobility you need most, and support the things your body already does.

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Learn how to optimize recovery, nutrition, and stress to allow your body to perform at its best.

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The missing element for performance and injury prevention and treatment. Learn drills and cues to help you optimize form.

What we offer

2D Gait Analysis

90-minute assessment​

  • Standing biomechanical assessment

  • Overhead squat assessment

  • Runner Readiness assessment

3D Gait Analysis

120-minute assessment​

  • Standing biomechanical assessment

  • Overhead squat assessment

  • Runner Readiness assessment

3D Helix Analysis

2 months free of TriDot/RunDot training

10% off any personal training package


All of the above amenities PLUS an additional follow-up 3D gait assessment

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Why you want to do the 3D analysis

  • 3D analysis gives you 40 metrics that aren't available with a 2D analysis

  • We can immediately see if you have a left/right imbalance

  • Instant calendar sent to you through RunDNA providing you with exercises to improve your performance

Here’s the breakdown

  • We'll send you an intake form as well as a 30-minute consult to learn more about your goals and fitness history

  • We start with a 90-minute assessment to identify flexibility and strength deficits

  • Then move to gait analysis using state-of-the-art Helix technology

Group Discounts

We offer discounts for groups of 4+ people interested in gait analysis. If you're a part of a group that is interested, please send us a message!

If you want to improve your running but don't know where to start, schedule a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session and we'll figure out a plan that's best for you!

To learn more about our coaches, click here!

All run coaches are certified through RunDNA

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