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Athlete Spotlight: Jeanne Lau

Name | Jeanne Lau

Tell us about your family/careers.

I've been retired for 2 1/2 years. I work 10 hours a week at Schmelz Volkswagen. I have a four-legged child named Sadie. She is my cling-on, but I love it.

What is your favorite sport/activity?

Well, my favorite sport outside of racing is hockey. I played goalie for 15 years in a women's league. I couldn't play as a kid, but took it up as and adult. I've had skates on my feet since I was 3.

Outside of training with Tri Fitness, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

I like to watch the Twins and Wild. I also like to read and do Sudoku puzzles. In the winter time, I get out on the fat tire bike, XC ski, and snowshoe. And of course, hanging out with Sadie.

What is your favorite motivational quote?

I don't really have a motivational quote, but use the mantra of, "I can and I will."

Favorite gear for summer/winter racing?

I like my Hoka's for running, and my fat tire bike all year long.

What keeps you going when you really don't want to?

Just knowing I'll feel better when I'm done and having accomplished something. Also, not seeing red in my Training Peaks.

What got you started with training/racing?

I went into the Tri Fitness store to get running shoes and saw a flyer for My First Tri. I remember them telling me it was a 400 yard swim, and I started counting football fields in my head. I had fun doing it, and that was my start with triathlon.

When you tell your friends/family about beginning you journey, what was their reaction?

I'd say they were excited for me and very supportive. I have had family and friends come watch me race.

How long have you been training/racing?

Back in the day, I did some running and a few running races. I started seriously training in 2010 or 2011. It's been great having a trainer.

Were you involved in other competitive sports prior to your adult years?

I grew up being active in different sports. I played basketball (high school/college), volleyball (college), softball (college), and touch football at the local playground. For me, softball was the one I enjoyed the most. I started at 7yrs. old and played until I was in my 50's. I played very competitive softball and played in college.

Best tip for a newbie?

I guess just have fun with it. Try not to compare yourself to how others are doing. You do you.

What is your favorite pre/post workout snack/drink?

I use gels pre workout. I like to have chocolate milk post workout.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

They are the people I workout and train with. They keep me motivated.

What is your biggest struggle?

Nutrition has always been a struggle. It has been a work in progress for me. Another for me is my osteoporosis. It has limited me from racing the last 5 years — dealing with broken bones. My last triathlon was in 2016 (70.3) in Door County. I did that with a broken wrist and brace on.

What is your pre-race routine?

Have a bagel/PB and banana. I will get to the race early — lately it's been running races. I'll do some high knees, butt kicks, leg swings, etc. I go for an easy run with a few pick-ups. I have a gel at the start of the race.

Goals for the upcoming year (2021)?

As always for me, it's staying healthy. I have already done a duathlon. I am doing a few running races, with my "A" race being the Twin City 10 mile.

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