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Tri Tips and Tricks

Tri Tips and Tricks

A 6-week program for triathlon performance

Tri Tips and Tricks will lead you through every part of the triathlon experience: from swimming, biking, running, transitions, and everything in between! Our goal for this program is for you to feel confident and fully prepared as you stand on the start line waiting to begin your race.


Week 1 | May 6th | Basic Bike Handling

Week 2 | May 13th | Transitions

Week 3 | May 20th | Bike to Run

Week 4 | June 3rd | Open Water Swim

Week 5 | June 10th | Swim to Bike

Week 6 | June 17th | Mini Tri

Cost | $150

Drop in session | $30

This is also the perfect training program if you’re planning on racing our sister company Rocket Racing's Women’s Trifecta on June 24th!

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