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Bike Clinics

Basic Bicycle: Lingo, Maintenance, and Repair

AKA: Seeing and Touching

Why are those nubs on my fork?  What's a fork? Bring your bike, repair gear you ride with, and any other tools or pumps or questions you want to learn more about. 


Topics we will cover:

  • Bicycle nomenclature 

  • Fixing flats

    • Types of flats, how to recognize 

  • Oil chain

    • Chain wear and cog/chainring wear

  • Adjusting brakes

  • Adjusting derailleurs

  • Why keep clean and dry

  • Concerns regarding using different wheelsets


And possibly, if things go really well, stupid bike trivia!


Classroom only, we will not ride.


When: Saturday, April 1st @ 10:00am - 11:30am


Where: Tri Fitness Coaching

Cost: $30

Basic Bike Handling

AKA: “I thought going really fast was the ultimate fun in bicycling - Who Knew!”

A skills course for better bike handling. Be ready to ride. The exercises will be the warm-up. Athletes will be instructed on various exercises intended to build confidence in the bike and bike handling including crashing (scary, but we gotta be prepared for everything!). It will be fun. If time permits AND we have enough people, we will use these skills to play a game. Yes, on our bikes! Focus is a must and hard effort becomes a distraction from executing the skill. Therefore, this will not be an intensive cardio effort.

When: Saturday, May 6th @ 10:00am - 11:30am

Where: Tri Fitness Coaching (parking lot in the back) 

Cost: $30


Cursed Corners! More WORK than pleasure! This Cornering Clinic is all about maintaining speed in corners and improving efficiency and overall speed. We want to help develop your confidence in cornering. Training is in two parts: first, the “classroom” portion (meeting in the parking lot) where we'll discuss how cornering works, techniques, and strategies, etc.; and second, the “road” portion where you'll learn executing those techniques at various speeds and conditions.


When:​ Saturday, May 20th @ 10:00am - 11:30am

Where: TBD

Cost: ​$30

Group Riding

AKA: Did you say “pace line”?

Riding in a group can be scary which often leads to people riding in small numbers or alone. There are training and racing gains from group riding in addition to the very social aspect of the group. This introduction to group riding will give you a basic understanding and practice of group riding dynamics.

Training is in two parts:

  1. Classroom: 

  • How group riding works and communicating

  • Why do I want to ride with others? I am a loner #triathlete! 

  • How I create danger and how to mitigate danger

  • Being comfortable when surrounded by riders. #touching! Wait, what? 

  • Cornering as a group 

  • Taking your turn at the front

  • Fast vs Slow pace

    2. Road:

  • Execute the training

When: Tuesday, May 23rd @ 6:00pm - 7:30pm 

Where: TBD

Cost: $30

Basic Climbing and Descending

You know that part of your ride that is typically a significant bother and really tiring? You’re probably climbing. Want to improve your strength and master the climb so you aren’t dead by the top of the hill? We’ve got your back. This clinic will cover basic climbing and descending. Training is in two parts: first, the “classroom” portion (meeting in the parking lot) where we will discuss techniques and strategies; and second, the “road” portion where you'll learn climbing and descending with those techniques.


When:​ Saturday, June 17th @ 9:30am - 11:00am 

Where: Square Lake Park (map)

Cost:​ ​$30

Intermediate Hill Climbing and Descending

This clinic will be more intensive in climbing, descending, and cornering. The athlete’s fitness level must permit repeated climbs and descents. Additionally, this course is only available to persons completing Basic Climbing, Cornering, and have some comfort with taking corners at elevated speed. Coaches may authorize this training for an athlete in lieu of completing basic climbing and basic cornering.

When: TBD

Where: TBD (based on conditions of the road and athletes at time of training)

Cost: $30

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