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Tri Q+A

Tri Q+A

You have questions, we have answers! 

On the third Tuesday of each month starting in January and running through May, we will be hosting a FREE online "all things triathlon/endurance sports" question and answer! Any questions or curiosities you have, we want to hear them! This webinar series is for anyone interested in trying triathlon or learning more about endurance sports - whether you're a runner looking to get into multisport, a swimmer keen to broaden your horizons, or a complete beginner eager to take on a new challenge!

Tri Q+A is designed to cater to individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds by providing essential insights and expert tips to ensure a successful and enjoyable triathlon/endurance experience. Join us and discover how you can confidently cross the finish line no matter where you currently stand on your fitness journey!

Event Schedule:

January 16th: Goal setting and planning your race season

February 20th: Drills before Skills

March 19th: The Big Scary Swim

April 16th: Community: Training With Others

May 21st: Triathlon Tool Kit: What you need vs. what you don't

Already have some questions? Send them to us and we'll be sure to include them in our discussions!

When | Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

Time | 5:30pm - 6:15pm

Note: Please use the arrows to find each webinar via the button below - they will be highlighted in white. If you'd like assistance registering, send us a message and we'll sign you up!

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