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Performance Coaching

Are you ready to take your triathlon training to the next level? Or work closely one-on-one with one of our expert coaches to help you achieve your goals? Get the structure, accountability and support you need to train for any personal goal. We are experts at understanding each unique athlete and building training plans that keep you strong, injury free and always moving towards your goals. We create plans that are based in data, backed by expertise and proven to get you where you want to be.

Choosing a Package

Safe and effective training starts with expertise and is backed by science. We have 2 coaching packages to choose from at Tri Fitness. Each has unique features. We recommend basing your package choice on your goals and training needs and not solely on cost. Come in to discuss your goals and we will help find a package that suits you best. All Ironman and 70.3 athletes will be automatically enrolled in the Peak Performance Package. Packages are an annual commitment.

Before You Begin

Before you begin your coaching, there is a required 90-minute consultation (cost = $150). This consult allows your coach to determine where you currently are at, if there are any injuries that need to be addressed, and how to build/approach your customized program.


This consult includes:

  • a biomechanical assessment

  • a look at/conversation about potential injury issues

  • a gait analysis

  • flexibility and strength programming based on above assessments and conversations

  • a discussion about race schedule (if time permits)

Competitive Package

This package is for an athlete that plans on competing throughout the year. If you’re looking to improve on a past event or train for a future event shorter than 70.3 distance, this package is likely for you. You will receive the individualized plans and support you need to strategize and implement training for your goals that will get you results.

Included in the Competitive Package:

  • customized weekly training plan on Training Peaks

  • goal consultation

  • 1 30-minute meeting every 3 weeks with your coach

  • 2 athlete-initiated email, text, or phone call per week

  • data analysis

  • race plan

  • race recap evaluation

  • support and motivation


Cost is $150/mo.

Peak Performance Package

For those who want to train and race competitively, this is our most complete package. Competitive athletes have more complicated long-term personal goals for training and racing that requires a comprehensive and strategic plan. Athletes that will be placed on this package include (but are not limited to) Ironman, 70.3, Boston qualifiers, short notice race prep (under 4 months for marathon and 2 months for half marathon), ultra-distance events, significant improvement in goal time athletes and competitive short distance athletes.

Included in the Peak Performance Package:

  • customized weekly training plan on Training peaks (training plans are designed to reach your specific goals)

  • goal consultation

  • weekly 30-minute meetings with your coach

  • unlimited athlete-initiated emails, texts, and phone calls

  • data analysis

  • race plan

  • race recap evaluation

  • support and motivation


Cost is $250/mo.

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