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No, we’re not calling you dumb, but if you’ve signed up for your first triathlon and have little idea of what you just signed up for (or maybe it isn’t your first triathlon, but things didn’t go so well the first time), then this free seminar is for you. In Tri For Dummies, we will cover all the foundational information - terminology, gear, expectations, etc. - to get you started preparing for your big day.


We will cover the following topics:  

  • Various distances

  • What a transition area is all about

  • What your "real estate" should look like in transition

  • What to expect on race day

  • What to wear

  • What not to wear

  • What a race belt is

  • General rules, regulations, and etiquette of a triathlon

  • Other items that relate to triathlon

Where: Tri Fitness Training (get directions)

Dates/Times: TBD

Cost: $20

Registration Closed
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