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Carbohydrates and Endurance Seminar

We all know carbohydrates are an essential fuel source for endurance athletes, but have you ever wondered all of the details around carbohydrates and why they are important—simple vs. complex, carbohydrates as fuel for muscle cells, carbohydrates as essential fuel for the brain, carbohydrate absorption and utilization in body tissues, fuel utilization during exercise, and pre-, during, and post-exercise carbohydrate intake? Our guest speaker, Hannah Stoker, covers all of these details to help you understand carbohydrates better, and fuel your body for greater performance in this 90-minute video seminar.

Carbohydrates and Endurance Seminar

  • Simply follow these steps:

    1. Add this product to your cart and complete your order.
    2. You'll receive an email from us containing a downloadable postcard pdf file (this will be accessible for up to 30 days ONLY,  so download/print it immediately and save it someplace safe).
    3. Follow the instructions in the postcard file to access the seminar.

    The video link to the seminar will not expire (just the link for the postcard file download). Once you get to the seminar video page, you'll have the option to download and save the video (highly recommended), or just feel free to view it in your browser. Watch it as many times as you's yours for life!

  • Hannah is finishing up a dietetics degree at the University of Minnesota on the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She has a particular interest in sports nutrition and, upon earning the RDN credential, aspires to work with athletes on adequately fueling their bodies from a place of respect to achieve optimal performance. She also has an interest in culinary literacy.

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