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4 Week Workout Plan (Set 1)

Our founder and certified IM Coach, Vicki Ostendorf, and head personal trainer, Jack Zahn, have designed 4 weeks of workouts aimed at overall strength, endurance, and flexibility that include guidelines for stretching, foam rolling, core, strength, and cardio.


Fitness Level:

Beginner to intermediate - for beginner, start with body weight and/or light weights; for intermediate, increase weight selection



  • Introduction video from Vicki covering any important information and details of your program
  • 4-week, 6 day per week workout calendar so you know exactly what to do each week
  • 17 individual workouts | each workout includes a summary, description, photo, and video of each exercise (and option to print them out)
    • Stretch/Foam Roll 1
    • Stretch/Foam Roll 2
    • Tabata
    • Lower Body 1
    • Lower Body 2
    • Upper Body 1
    • Upper Body 2
    • Core 1
    • Core 2
    • Back/Bis/Tris
    • Lower Body/Core
    • Bis/Tris/Abs
    • HIIT/Plyo
    • Back/Shoulders
    • Chest/Core
    • Chest/Shoulders/Core
    • Back/Bis


Equipment Needed:

  • foam roller
  • dumbbells
  • resistance band/tubing
  • stability ball


Important Note: Digital downloads are available for 30 days ONLY. Please immediately download your items and place them in a safe location both on and off your devices (Cloud, Google Drive, etc.). After 90 days we will no longer resend lost or un-downloaded items. 


Disclaimer: When purchasing this program, you agree to all Tri Fitness terms, conditions, policies, and disclaimers. 

4 Week Workout Plan (Set 1)

$79.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
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