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Jack's Journal: Persistence

Throughout the past month and a half, I have been sharing with you my thoughts on goals and how to break them into pieces so they are more manageable. Continue to ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? What am I doing this for?" Continue to search for and use your inspirations to be a better you. Continue to work on those aspirations stubbornly. From this day forth, I challenge you to not quit on your goals or yourself.

If you’re still working toward your goals, or better yet accomplished one of them, then give yourself a pat on the back, great work! If you haven’t reached a progress milestone with your goals yet, don’t give up - keep trying. Apparently, January 19th is considered “Quitter’s Day”. It’s when most people give up their efforts of achieving their new year’s resolutions. (1) Furthermore, 80% of people stop trying to attain their goals by mid-February. This research was taken from 800 million users of the product, Strava; many of us are familiar with Strava and its ties to health and wellness.

There are many reasons why so many of us have had a tough go of it in the past year. With people quitting on their goals, they may start to feel like a failure. They are not. They have just stopped trying, and the only way to turn that around is to start trying again.

One of the most powerful quotes about success and failure, in my opinion, comes from Myles Munroe: “Failure is not the absence of success. Failure is the neglect of trying.” So you see, just because you haven’t met your goals yet, does not mean you’re a failure. It means you need to reflect on your goals and make some adjustments to your original plan.

My challenge to you is: be resilient in the face of adversity. Do not simply give up, keep trying. Just because you haven’t yet, doesn’t mean you won’t. Another powerful quote on success comes from Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” Have the courage to continue.

If you’d like help setting and achieving your health and wellness goals, please contact Jack Zahn at to set up an appointment.

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