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Jack's Journal: Inspiration

Hello everyone! I hope your new year is going well and you are sticking to your goals. Hopefully, you are making progress toward those goals, and remember that some goals are more easily accomplished than others. Last time I talked about goals and the different levels of gratification of those goals. The time before that, I talked about consistency. I'd like to continue on both of those thoughts to continue your focus on your goals this new year. What I'd like to concentrate on this time is inspiration.

While it is great to be goal-oriented and make a consistent effort to accomplish those goals, many of us lose focus on those goals if we don't ask ourselves, "Why?" Finding the "why" will give you longevity in your pursuit of said goals. For each of your goals or ambitions, whether or not they are related to health and wellness, find a source of inspiration for the task at hand. I use the word "inspiration" instead of "motivation" because inspiration not only has a positive connotation to it, but it comes from within you (after all, the word "in" is inside the word inspiration twice). Inspiration can take many forms, but most likely it is an intangible quality you possess and carry with you.

I'd like you to think of the inspirations in your life and use those. Instead of dreading your next workout or sticking to your diet because you feel like you have to, focus on your inspiration and the "why." My inspiration is good health. This may sound general, but I exercise for the sake of my good health not only today and the immediate future, but my future beyond the next couple of decades in my life. I also have an inspiration to lead by example for my friends and family to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Lastly, but most importantly, my girlfriend Sam inspires me by just being in my life. I push myself in my goals so I can be a better version of myself each day, and I can be strong and healthy in the years to come with her.

Some goals are difficult to attain, and they are meant to be! It is difficult to dream, plan, and accomplish lofty goals; that is why people with big dreams who accomplish them are labeled as ambitious. Be ambitious, dream big; but do the necessary work to make those dreams a reality. You are not a failure if you don't accomplish your goals — only if you fail to try. Continue working toward your goals, be consistent in pursuing them, and keep finding inspiration to not give them up.

If you’d like help setting and achieving your health and wellness goals, please contact Jack Zahn at to set up an appointment.

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