Alcoholism to Ironman: Part 4

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

WOW, how plans can change! I did not realize how delicate the balance in my life was. I, like many of you, had the season all mapped out. I had my A and B races, my sights on a marathon PR, and of course IMWI. Not to mention, the overall strategy as to how it will all be accomplished. I was in control. Then the craziness of COVID 19 began and my training took a turn. I quickly learned what little control I actually have.

As the pools and training centers began to close and races cancelled, I felt like my training began to free fall. It lacked intensity and most of all it lacked a sense of purpose. I’m not sure why I felt the way I felt; my primary goal of completing an IRONMAN didn’t change and the race didn’t cancel, yet I had this sudden lack of focus and motivation.

Of course, removing the Tri Fitness Training Center and the pool from my life left a pretty big hole and turned my schedule upside down. But I think, ultimately, it was simple fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that my season was all but over. Fear that now I really won’t finish that damn swim leg of the race. And ultimately, the overall fear and uncertainty of these unprecedented times we are living in. Simple fear.

Recently, I have turned the corner. I am refocused and once again motivated. I’ve decided to treat this situation like a sports injury - like Plantar Fasciitis or an injured IT Band. It hasn’t ended my season, but rather it has simply limited what I can do. Although frustrating and painful, it is out of my control. I must be patient and stay positive.

I have also realized that we are all in this together. This a rare moment in time were all of our paths and situations converge. I understand that this pandemic affects people differently, but when it comes to triathlon training, we are all basically effected in the same ways. We have to keep a positive attitude and make the most of it. We will all heal and be back at 100% before we know it. Hang in there and keep training.

Thank you, Tri Fitness for your dedication. I am grateful and impressed by your creativity - Virtual Races, Facebook workouts, ZOOM rides, Outdoor bootcamps...GREAT STUFF to keep us connected and give us options.

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