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Periodization of Nutrition

How your nutrition should change with your training

As athletes, you've likely heard about periodization as it relates to your workouts. Periodization should also be considered with regard to your nutrition as well. When we are in our “off-season”, or preparation phase, we are working on very different aspects of our training than in the middle of our race season. If you haven’t thought about it prior to now, this is your opportunity to learn more! Learn what your fueling should look like now, during your peak race season, as well as the months in between with our special guest, Hannah Stoker.

When |​​ Wednesday, January 4th at Tri Fitness Coaching

Time | 6:00 - 7:30pm


Cost | $25

A little about Hannah:

Hannah completed the Didactic Program in Dietetics at the University of Minnesota in Spring of 2022 and went on to the Coordinated Masters Program in Nutrition and Dietetics with a concentration in Sports Nutrition at the University of Utah — College of Health. Along the way, Hannah has gained valuable experience in both the community nutrition and clinical sports nutrition realms. Hannah has worked as an intern for the veteran sports dietitian, Rasa Troup, and has also served at the fueling stations for the University of Utah Football Team and Olympic Teams. She plans to graduate from the University of Utah in the Spring of 2024 and take the RD exam shortly after before beginning her career as a Registered Dietitian. 

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