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This 6-week open water swim series lead by our expert swim coach will focus on progressive skill development from entering the water to exiting the water (and everything before, after, and in between). You'll understand open water swimming variables, skills, and even gear. Because this series is progressive, we recommend committing to the entire series, but if you're particularly interested in a class topic/skill below, drop-in participants are more than welcome.


New 6-week series TBD. All sessions will be held at Square Lake. Series schedule is as follows:

  • Intro to Open Water Swimming + Cold Water, Wetsuits, and Environmental Variables

  • Sighting and Turns

  • Shore Start vs. Deep Water Start + Pacing

  • Pack Swims and Drafting

  • Wind, Waves, and Current

  • Exiting The Water + Transitions

Dates and times are subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Cost: $120 for the series/$25 for drop-in sessions

Registration Closed
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