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Our mission is to passionately provide community, support, and education to fuel your fitness journey.


Our motto is "Well Beyond Limits."


As a corporate partner, we extend this mission and motto to you, as well.

As a company ourselves, we understand that a company is only as good as its employees. When we do our job, we help your employees do their jobs with greater motivation, energy, productivity, engagement. and a stronger connection to you as an employer and company.


As a result, we hope to strengthen the overall growth of your company and its employees.


$3.5 Trillion

This is the average amount spent annually on healthcare in the United States, and approximately $10k individually, which is roughly 2x higher when compared to other wealthy countries.*


This is the percentage of deaths annually that occur due to preventable chronic diseases and illnesses.**


This is the percentage of our healthcare dollars that are devoted to treating these preventable diseases and illnesses.**


70% of chronic diseases and illnesses are preventable through lifestyle choices like nutrition, activity, smoking, etc.**

* | **


With these rising stats and costs, increased competition in the corporate world, higher stress, and longer work days, etc.,it is more important than ever to cultivate a healthy organization and employees to improve company culture and productivity.

It is proven that healthy companies and employees have:

  • more motivation
  • less stress

  • higher productivity

  • less absenteeism/sick day usage

  • more job satisfaction

  • staff retention

  • higher company morale

  • higher revenue per employee

  • lower healthcare costs

  • work/life balance support, which increases appreciation/care felt by employees

  • increased energy levels

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