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We transform your body into a performance powerhouse.

You can do it — it's achieveable!  Are you ready to unlock your performance potential, but not sure how to do it?

Choose your path to get started!
Community Fitness

If you thrive on community, our group fitness options are a great way to get plugged in. With an 8:1 participant-to-coach ratio, you'll always receive the quality training + attention you deserve.

1:1 Coaching

Get the most custom and personalized approach for your endurance and performance journey with one-on-one coaching from one of our experienced + knowledgeable coaches.

Free Consult

New to Tri Fitness Coaching or not sure where to start? No problem! Book a free 30-minute strategy session and get some guidance about where to start your journey with us.

The Tri Fitness Experience

Our service to you is built upon 5 pillars...
Professional Coaches

We believe that the professionalism, education and experience of our coaches (and your access to them) is the cornerstone of our training and the launch pad for your results. All of our staff members have years of experience, certifications and education under their belts so they can troubleshoot issues and provide high-quality safe and effective training.

Data-backed Training & Assessments

Our programs are founded and run on principles like data collection and progression training, so you'll get advice and training tailored for you and experience tangible results. The keen eyes of our trainers combined with our data technology and collection allows us to provide the best feedback and next steps to help you maximize your training and results.

Community Atmosphere

Our community is what makes our training center so unique. We're a family of athletes of all different ages, shapes, sizes, goals, skill levels, sports and disciplines, so when you walk through our doors, we automatically consider you family, too. You have a built-in support system of peers you can always count on.

Periodized & Progressive Training

Every body is different and everybody's journey is different, so your training should reflect that. Our class sizes are small so our coaches can train you safely and effectively, and our programs are tailored to meet your unique skill level and goals. Additionally, we understand that multisport follows a cycle, so our classes and clinics follow the ebb and flow of in-and off-season training. You'll always receive the proper training at the proper time of year.

A Holistic Approach

We understand that training is just one component of a much bigger picture, so we encourage a holistic healthy lifestyle approach that also includes the following vital components: nutrition, mindset, safety, injury prevention, rest/recovery, realistic goals, stress management, balance, and of course lots of laughing!

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for endurance athletes

Start your performance journey the right way by optimizing your workouts! Download our guide to mastering Rate of Perceived Effort — FREE!

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